Hydrofarm SGO600S Review

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The Hydrofarm SGO600S is one of the best ballasts on the market today. It’s a 600 watt HPS lamp and it comes with a built-in timer, as well as an adjustable height for plants that are up to 4 feet tall. This product has four different light settings: 3200K, 5600K, 9400K and 10000k. I’ve been using this ballast for about three months now without any problems whatsoever! In this Hydrofarm SGO600S review we will explain you everything you need to know about this product.




Features of Hydrofarm SGO600S


Reviews & Ratings of Hydrofarm SGO600S


The Hydrofarm SGO600S ballasts are very powerful and efficient. They can be used for both fluorescent tubes as well as metal halide lamps, which is a big advantage over other models in the same price range.
I found 13 customer reviews at the time of writing on Amazon and they have awarded it 4.6 stars out of a possible 5 on average., with only one negative review to note – “Not compatible with my MH lamp”
And no one else seems to have experienced any problems either – so I’m happy to recommend these ballasts from Hydrofarm too!


The Hydrofarm SGO600S ballast is a great product for every grower that needs to light their grow room. But it also has other uses such as lighting up your pond and garden, and even comes with a built in timer!


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